Branscum Construction Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be leading the construction of the New Candleberry Candle Company facility.  The new 72,000 square foot factory and offices will be constructed at the corner of Chenault Road and US 421 in Frankfort, KY.

We are honored to be teamed with Million Architecture of Nicholasville, and AGE Engineering of Stanford.  We are excited to bring to life their vision and design.  The New Candleberry Candle Company is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2023.



Frankfort, Ky. Frankfort’s favorite candle company is on the move. Ernie Fowler, CEO of Candleberry, announced that the company is building a new headquarters and factory. It will be located on the corner of Chenault Road and US 421. A rendering of the new building is attached. The new facility will replace the existing factory located at Corporate Drive, Frankfort Industrial Park.

Candleberry will be installing state-of-the-art equipment that will increase efficiencies, expand capacities, and turn times for enhancing and improving customer service and thereby position the Company for further expansion.

The Candleberry candle business was started by the Fowler family in 1997 and has been growing steadily. “A key to our success is our network of loyal independent retail stores, located mainly in the Eastern United States”, Fowler said. The Candleberry candle is known as an industry leader for its key and most expensive component – its fragrance.

Candleberry prides itself in continually developing new home fragrances for the Brand. Such fragrances have the strongest memories of life at home, baking and cooking, foods customers love, and special holiday meals and parties during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other family gatherings. All products are extensively tested before introduction to meet the Company’s stringent standards.

Candleberry’s successes are due to its family values, management, production, sales teams, and the ideas of many people, Fowler said. For example, Candleberry’s first salesperson had the idea of a bourbon candle. “I didn’t think it would sell, but it sold in bunches:” remarked Fowler. It is now made for distilleries nationwide.

New products such as beer and wine glass candles as well as fragrance diffusers and bourbon cake gift sets are continuously added to round out the line of over 340 products. Candleberry’s recent product presentations in its bourbon-themed booth at the Atlanta Winter Market are shown in the attached picture. The recently introduced Nouveau candles are for aficionados of candles as both function and art. This newly designed candle includes Candleberry’s flagship fragrances: Hot Maple Toddy and Kentucky Bourbon.

Candleberry offers employees work equality, growth opportunities, and a safe and pleasant work environment. Fowler said the business was not only about candles, “it is about creating jobs and opportunities for others.”

The building was designed by Million Architecture of Nicholasville with site design by AGE Engineering of Stanford. Branscum Construction of Russell Springs is leading the construction team for the new facility of over 72,000 square feet, which will be completed in the late spring of 2023.